VLOCKer's NEXATE PRIME Yellow/Black ver.


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Livraison : 3 à 6 semaines

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Play easy new color appearance by PRIME!

Announcing a new play easy to completely new color yellow very popular PRIME!
Blue ver of simultaneous release.
And so far PRIME can be combined with the of course, play in combination with all the vlocker's parts!
Dare By the matte texture, more unity is likely to leave at the time of combination, pursuing the play ease of as a block toy.
Further expand the possibilities of the vlocker's, trying to experience a new fun!

The contents of goods
· PRIME runner A, B yellow ver. Each two ×
Joint frame Black ver. × 1 pack
· K1 2 sheets joint runner ×
· W1, W2 runner one ×


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VLOCKer's NEXATE PRIME Yellow/Black ver.

VLOCKer's NEXATE PRIME Yellow/Black ver.

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