Puzzle My Neighbor Totoro Camellia Day


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126 piece jigsaw puzzle (10 x 14.7 cm)
My Neighbor Totoro camellia bloom day Frost Art Jigsaw

Contrast between camellia flower and snow crystal is beautiful! 
It is perfect for interiors and gifts, it is a very pretty picture. 
[Frost Art Jigsaw] Frosted Art Jigsaw is 
a textured "frosted" texture on the surface of a transparent and beautiful "Art Crystal Jigsaw" on its surface. 
You can enjoy slightly different texture than ever. 

Ghibli dedicated puzzle frame is renewed! !
Totoro and playing in nature, state of Susuwatari has been represented in relief.

150 Piece Acorn Ghibli dedicated puzzle frame mini puzzle


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Puzzle My Neighbor Totoro Camellia Day

Puzzle My Neighbor Totoro Camellia Day

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